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Offering Complete Wellness Care for Women in Torrance, CA


A Non-Judgmental Women's Health Clinic with a Safe, Inviting Atmosphere

For more than 20 years, Women's Care Center in Torrance, CA has been providing women with the best possible and most affordable reproductive health care in a clean, comfortable atmosphere. When you visit our clinic, you won't find any hype, politics, or judgment. We'll educate you on all your options, so you can make the most informed decision regarding your reproductive health care needs.

If your pregnancy test is positive, you have a decision to make. In fact, many of our staff has been where you are. We understand that sometimes you need a place to process everything—to think through all your options in a place where you feel safe to share what's on your mind. Get all the facts before you decide what to do.

Complete Health Care

In addition to pregnancy testing, our women's health clinic offers complete gynecology services. Every woman past the age of 18 or who is sexually active should have an annual pelvic exam and pap test, and our staff will go above and beyond for your reproductive health.

Free Pregnancy Testing

We provide free pregnancy testing, even to those who do not plan to have an abortion.

Confidentiality Is Assured

We support the decisions you make with your body, reproduction, and sexuality. Your right to privacy is respected and the confidentiality of our professional staff is absolutely assured.

Payment Policies

We have a ''no billing'' policy, all fees are payable at the time of the procedure.
Due to the amount of returned unpaid checks, no personal checks can be accepted.
There is an additional charge for Anti- Rh serum for patient's that are Rh Negative.
$25.00 discount given for Medicaid, and to Military, on site screening available for teenagers, students, and single mothers.
If an abortion is not preformed, the fee will be returned except for the cost of the Sonogram, lab fees and doctors exam.
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